Russia Intensifies Recruitment of African Mercenaries for Ukraine War: Intel

The Russian military has ramped up its recruitment of mercenaries from Africa to support its frontline operations in Ukraine.

This is according to Kyiv’s military intelligence service, adding that most foreign mercenaries are recruited from Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, and Uganda.

A sign-in bonus of $2,000 is promised for these foreign recruits in exchange for their agreement to become part of a special unit as assault troops.

They are also said to receive a monthly allowance of $2,200 on top of health insurance and Russian passports for them and their families.

Russia’s Africa Corps

The existence of African mercenaries in the Russian military has been noted since 2023 when the so-called “Russian Africa Corps” was created.

Consisting of over 2,000 soldiers and officers, the unit reportedly operates alongside Moscow’s regular army and Storm-Z units.

Many of these mercenaries served in the Wagner Group and already had experience in Syria, Libya, Burkina Faso, and Niger.

Last week, the UK Ministry of Defence said the Africa Corps was spotted fighting in Ukraine’s Kharkiv region.

This could mean that Russia is “reinforcing its war on Ukraine with resources previously assigned to Africa.”

Ukraine’s military intelligence service said Moscow had previously recruited mercenaries from Nepal, Somalia, India, and Cuba for its invasion.

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