Babcock to Launch Repair, Overhaul Facility in Ukraine

Babcock has announced that it will establish an engineering facility in Ukraine offering maintenance, repair, and asset management for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The company will collaborate with Ukraine Defence Industries to ensure that critical military assets, including vehicles, are available when and where needed.

The decision follows the launch of Babcock Ukraine in 2023, a move by the London-based defense firm to support the country in its rebuilding efforts.

Babcock CEO David Lockwood stressed the importance of faster turnaround times for repair and restoration of weapons and assets on the front line.

“Getting military equipment and assets back to Ukrainian armed forces in the most efficient way possible is why we are making this in-country investment in an armoured vehicle engineering facility,” Lockwood shared.

The date for the site’s launch has not yet been revealed.

Babcock-Ukraine Partnership

Babcock is one of Ukraine’s most prominent collaborators in providing maintenance and logistics support amid the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war.

Their joint efforts include the sustainment and support of two Sandown-class anti-mine vessels for the Ukrainian Navy, as well as providing operational assistance to UK-donated armored vehicles such as Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) units and Challenger tanks.

Earlier in May, the company’s experience in sustaining military capabilities led to an in-service support deal with Canada’s Roshel.

Under the agreement, Babcock will oversee maintenance and logistics for the Light Utility Vehicles that will replace 200 Roshel-made armored personnel carriers handed over to Ukraine.

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