Poland to Open Medical Learning Center for Soldiers in Łódź

The Polish Ministry of Defence is planning to build a learning center in Łódź to expand medical training projects for the armed forces.

The infrastructure will be part of a large-scale initiative to transform various military assets, including improving the effectiveness of medics for modern warfare, of which the Łódź project is a part.

Warsaw wrote that the facility will deliver critical skills to sustain the safety of troops. Specialized courses will also be provided according to various types of military medic trainees.

Polish Deputy Prime Minister Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz announced the concept for a new medical academy building during a conference at the Military Medical Education Center in Łódź.

The agreement for the center’s construction was signed in partnership with the Medical University of Łódź and the region’s local government leaders.

“When building the component of medical troops and building the highest level of security, we must remember that the staff needed to carry out these activities, their training and preparation, are the most important thing,” Kosiniak-Kamysz commented at the event.

“This year … we will be able to recreate, or in fact build anew, the best training center for both doctors and officers of the Polish Army, soldiers who will combine vocation for medical service with military service.”

Relaunching Historic Center

Poland first established its Military Medical Academy of Łódź in the late 1950s to expand medical armed forces staff and support related research projects with civilian partners.

In the early 2000s, the Medical University of Łódź was founded, merging both the Military Medical Academy of Łódź and the older Medical Academy of Łódź.

On May 27, 2024, Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of National Defense at the Military Medical Education Center in Łódź informed about the development of medical education for the needs of the Polish Army. Photo senior corporal Wojciech Król/CO MON
Military medics performing an operation in a simulated training. Photo: Wojciech Król/Polish Ministry of Defence

“Just like the year 2002, which went down in history as the year in which the Military Medical Academy was liquidated, this year is the year when the Military Medical Academy will get back on its feet,” National Defence Ministry – Secretary of State Cezary Tomczyk stated.

“I am convinced that we are opening a wonderful page of history.”

Leveraging Lessons From Ukraine

According to the government, the new Military Medical Academy will integrate lessons learned from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine to further enhance the functions of military staff.

“The Military Medical Academy in Łódź will use the experience of the war in Ukraine by preparing the best military medics,” a statement from the Polish defense agency said.

“The academy will also train soldiers who will not be doctors, rescuers or nurses, but will acquire skills in providing first aid. This is very important because your friend in the trenches is your first rescuer. This is shown by the war in Ukraine.” 

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