US Moves to Expedite Military Electric Aircraft Deployment

American legislators are pushing the US Air Force and Pentagon to expedite their four-year-old Agility Prime initiative to develop electric aircraft.

A section in the proposed 2025 National Defense Authorization Act mandates the two entities set up a working group to speed the integration of commercial electric and hybrid technology for an aircraft.

The group will be composed of top-ranking defense officials, with the air force secretary running and overseeing the operation.

Its members will also include the secretaries of the US Army and Navy, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and representatives of the US Special Operations and Transportation commands.

The group’s specific task will be to determine how to quickly transition Agility Prime’s research and development efforts to operational use across all services.

If approved, the working group will have to be set up within six months. The air force secretary will also have to submit two annual reports detailing the group’s progress.

Agility Prime

Launched in 2020, the Agility Prime program seeks collaboration with industry partners to explore the potential military applications of electric aircraft.

It serves as the US Air Force’s contribution to the government’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

According to the Air Force Research Laboratory, the so-called “flying taxis” to be developed are capable of moving people and cargo around in a “more efficient and environmentally-friendly” way.

They can be used to support military transport missions, as well as search-and-rescue operations.

In 2023, the Air Force Materiel Command announced the first official test flight of its Alia electric aircraft.

“Today’s mission was an excellent first step to exploring what this aircraft type can offer the Air Force and the military,” Agility Prime test engineer 2nd Lt. Maria Reynoso said.

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