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Pakistan Test-Fires New Homegrown Guided Rocket for ‘Deep Targets’

The Pakistan Army has carried out another successful test of a new domestically-made rocket system designed to strike deep into enemy territory.

Known as the Fatah-II Guided Rocket System, the weapon has an operational range of 400 kilometers (248 miles) and can perform precision strikes.

According to the army’s media wing, the test was meant to perfect launch procedures in preparation for the rocket’s official deployment.

In a video shared by Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the Fatah-II was seen being launched from a deserted area, with high-ranking military officials, including the Chief of the General Staff of the Pakistan Army, monitoring its trajectory.

“Fatah-II is being inducted in Pakistan’s Artillery Divisions for stand-off, precision engagement of deep targets. The rocket system will significantly upgrade the reach and lethality of Pakistan Army’s conventional arsenal,” ISPR stated.

Additional Capabilities

The Fatah-II reportedly features cutting-edge navigation capabilities to aid in precision strikes.

It also boasts unique flight trajectory and maneuverable features, providing a circular error probability of less than 10 meters (32 feet).

It is also designed to defeat enemy missile defense systems or deter any offensive actions from adversaries.

In December 2023, the Pakistan military evaluated the performance of the Fatah-II in a test launch.

Once deployed, the weapon is expected to bolster the air defense capabilities of the Pakistan military amid border tensions with India.

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