Lithuania Receives New Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles From US

Lithuania has received a new shipment of Javelin medium-range anti-tank weapon systems from the US for $16.6 million.

The missiles will be integrated into the Lithuanian Land Force, bolstering its high-explosive capabilities in support of local defense operations, as well as future Baltic and NATO missions.

Lithuanian Defense Minister Laurynas Kasčiūnas said the country’s capability update is thanks to the US’ commitment to promoting peace in the region.

“Beyond doubt, the Javelin anti-tank system the United States has made available for Lithuania to acquire is a boost to the Lithuanian Armed Forces’ combat capacity and deterrent effect,” Kasčiūnas said.

The delivery comes amid the Lithuanian Armed Forces’ push to replenish its depleted capabilities due to the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war.

Greater Defense Spending

Lithuania has seen an uptick of military investments in recent years, largely due to growing tensions in Europe.

The defense ministry announced a 1-billion-euro ($1.09 billion) budget in 2022 for the purchase of high-powered weapons from the US and Germany.

Alongside the Javelin missiles, the country has also purchased combat drones, infantry fighting vehicles, and self-propelled howitzers to improve its air, surveillance, and logistics capabilities.

The country currently reserves three percent of its gross domestic product for defense spending, higher than NATO’s set spending target of two percent.

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