Russian Elites Recruited Far From Frontline to Be Safe From War: UK Intel

A startling UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) intelligence report reveals a stark division between Russia’s elite and ordinary citizens.

While ordinary Russian men are required to undergo military service, members of the United Russia Party and sons of high-ranking Kremlin officials are sidestepping the obligation by joining a specialized unit for drone operations in Ukraine.

Called “Bars Kaskad,” the unit reportedly operates away from combat zones, guaranteeing the safety of its members.

It has up to 10 elite members, an “unusually high” number for a drone unit. Some of them are even protected by bodyguards, according to previous UK intel.

A Publicity Stunt?

The Bars Kaskad was reportedly formed by Dmitry Sablin, the deputy chairman of Russia’s State Duma Defense.

Active since October 2022, some military analysts claimed that the unit was set up to exploit publicity opportunities for Russian elites.

Russian independent investigative journalist Ruslan Leviev recently told The Guardian that rich people in the unit are looking to demonstrate that they have gone to war and stood up for their country.

“You sit somewhere in the rear, drink tea, come back with a medal and titles, and go on to build your political career as a participant in the war,” he said.

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