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Indonesia Completes 42 Rafale Fighter Jet Order With France

Indonesia has signed a deal to buy 18 more Dassault Rafale fighter jets from France, completing a 2022 order for 42 of the planes.

Delivery of the final batch is scheduled to begin by early 2026.

The acquisition began in September 2022 after Jakarta signed a contract for six Rafale jets. The second batch, consisting of 18, was ordered in August 2023.

The deal is estimated to cost around $8.1 billion.

With the ability to carry out missions ranging from air defense to reconnaissance, the Rafale can be equipped with long-range air-to-air missiles and laser-guided bombs for interdiction and ground support.

Developing Air Defense

Indonesia’s recent push for more advanced aerial military capabilities comes amid tensions in Southeast Asia.

Last year, Jakarta announced plans to bolster its frontline by purchasing second-hand aircraft from countries like Qatar and Japan.

However, it recently shelved a Mirage fighter jet acquisition with Qatar due to budget constraints, focusing instead on upgrading its combat jets currently in service.

It also previously backed out of a deal with Russia to purchase its Sukhoi Su-35s, citing a lengthy acquisition process as well as looming US sanctions.

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