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UK Donates $1.2M in Armored Patrol Vehicle Parts to Lebanon

The UK government has provided armored patrol vehicle parts worth one million pounds ($1.2 million) to the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF).

Donated through the UK’s Conflict, Stability, and Security Fund, the spares are for Land Rover vehicles used by Beirut to ensure the security and protection of its borders.

A handover ceremony took place at the Lebanese Army logistical base in Kfarshima last week, with several defense and military officials in attendance.

“Land Rover Defender vehicles form the backbone of the LAF’s mobility,” British Ambassador to Lebanon Hamish Cowell said.

“Our UK teams with the Army’s leadership will continue to develop servicing, maintenance and equipment care procedures for the vehicles.”

He further stated that the donation would help enhance LAF’s resilience and operational readiness as it continues to operate on the frontlines.

Securing Difficult Borders

In 2021, the UK donated 100 Land Rover armored patrol vehicles worth 1.5 million pounds ($1.9 million) to Lebanon.

The vehicles were expected to reinforce stability on the Lebanese border with Syria and help armed forces with counter-terrorism and anti-smuggling missions.

Additionally, the Land Rovers can aid routine patrols on the country’s borders with Israel, also known as the Blue Line.

“The UK team is working with the LAF to support routine maintenance and more complex mechanical repairs that will keep the Land Rovers on the front line for the foreseeable future,” the British Embassy in Beirut said.

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