Russia Receives Another Batch of Upgraded Su-34 Bombers

Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation has handed over an additional batch of upgraded Su-34 bomber aircraft to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The delivery follows ground and flight tests of the aircraft, the state-owned Russian aerospace firm stated

The number of aircraft delivered was not disclosed.

The upgrades include “extended combat capabilities, enabling it to employ advanced air-launched munitions, increasing the range of striking ground and naval targets and expand the conditions and accuracy of bombing runs,” a United Aircraft Corporation statement read.

76 Upgraded Su-34s Ordered

This is the third batch of upgraded Su-34s delivered since July 2022. The previous delivery was made in November.

Russia ordered 76 upgraded Su-34s, called the Su-34M, in 2020 with delivery expected by 2027, according to Military Watch Magazine

The multi-role aircraft will reportedly replace the Su-24M and the much larger, long-distance Tu-22M3 strike bomber.


The aircraft is capable of aerial combat in addition to its primary role of bombing land and naval targets. 

It is powered by AL-31F turbojet engines with afterburners and includes the Sh-141 radar.

In August 2021, the aircraft was reportedly fitted with the latest Kh-35U anti-ship air-to-surface missile.

The 550-kg (1,213-pound) missile features a warhead of 145 kilograms (320 pounds) capable of sinking a mid-sized ship from a distance of 250 kilometers (155 miles).

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