CAE to Deliver Chinook, Black Hawk Helicopter Simulators for US Army

General Dynamics has awarded CAE a contract to provide simulator solutions for the US Army’s Flight School Training Support Services (FSTSS) at Fort Novosel.

The $455 million agreement seeks the development and supply of new full-flight simulators for the CH-47F Chinook and UH-60M Black Hawk military helicopters.

Alongside the platforms, CAE will provide software configurations to support associated collective training devices.

Work on the initiative will run for 12 years and is expected to meet the US Army Aviation Center of Excellence’s rotary-wing simulation service requirements.

Bolstering Mission Readiness

FSTSS replaces the Flight School XXI (FSXXI) program, which upskilled US Army aircrews for nearly 20 years.

Every year, FSXXI trains around 3,900 aviators, including graduate-level pilots, crew support personnel, and other units.

US Army UH-60 black Hawk helicopter over Syria
A US Army UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter flies over Syria, March 12, 2018. Image: US Army/Staff Sgt. Timothy Koster

“Proven US Army training success at our Dothan Training Center for fixed-wing aviators and the expertise delivered through Flight School XXI and Advanced Helicopter Flight Training Services at Fort Novosel allows CAE to expand our trusted training solutions with the FSTSS program,” CAE Defense & Security President Daniel Gelston stated.

“It is our honor to provide training and simulation to all Army pilots, both fixed- and rotary-wing, to enhance mission readiness.”

US Army Flight Training Support Contract

In April, General Dynamics received a $1.7 billion contract to support the US Army’s ongoing FSTSS program.

The agreement called for the company to own, operate, maintain, and update virtual flight simulators to aid the program in preparing the army aviators.

The award has a five-year base period and an additional option of seven years.

“We have partnered with the US Army for nearly two decades and provided more than 1 million hours of simulation training,” General Dynamics Information Technology President Amy Gilliland said during the contract announcement.

“We are looking forward to continuing to support the next generation of aviators with cost-effective and modern training capabilities.”

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