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Rheinmetall, Elbit Demonstrate 155mm L52 Howitzer

Rheinmetall and Elbit Systems have conducted a live-fire demonstration of an automated 155-millimeter L52 wheeled self-propelled howitzer at the Shivta desert range in southern Israel.

The testing builds on a 2022 strategic cooperation deal to jointly develop, produce, and market an automated 155-millimeter wheeled howitzer.

Through the partnership, Elbit’s fully-robotic artillery turret was integrated with Rheinmetall’s 155mm L52 gun and electronic components for the fire control unit and sensor suite. The weapon was then mounted onto a Rheinmetall HX 10×10 tactical military truck.

Future-Proof Howitzer System

The howitzer is currently in an advanced phase of its verification process to enable faster operational readiness and minimize development risks.

Meanwhile, Rheinmetall is conducting a parallel modification to prepare the capability for the German regulatory approval process and other European operational requirements.

The company is also working to make the howitzer compatible with future configurations by enhancing its tube artillery. This approach permits the system to interoperate with the advanced L60 gun that features a larger chamber and longer, 60-caliber barrel.

By integrating the newer gun, the system will achieve up to 83 kilometers (52 miles) of range with NATO-standard ballistics.

Bolstering German-Israeli Defense Cooperation

“We are proud to present the world with this advanced 155mm artillery system,” a statement from the Rheinmetall-Elbit team said.

“The successful demonstration of the automated howitzer highlights the synergies and innovative technologies of the Rheinmetall-Elbit team – a team that is uniquely positioned to supply the armed forces of Germany and other nations with an outstanding new tube artillery capability.”

“We are convinced that this joint German-Israeli project will contribute to strengthening ties between our two nations and their armed forces.”

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