Hungary Blocks Potential $542M EU Fund for Ukraine

The Hungarian government has blocked the next tranche of military support worth 500 million euros ($542 million) for Ukraine, which was supposed to be provided under the EU’s European Peace Facility (EPF) program.

The EPF is designed to help EU member states enhance their security, promote peace, and prevent conflicts.

According to a government spokesperson, Budapest did not agree with the EPF being used exclusively to help Ukraine counter Russian aggression.

Giving the entire fund to the war-torn nation would reportedly result in insufficient funds for promoting the bloc’s interests in other areas.

Hungary demanded guarantees that the EPF would not solely go to Ukraine, considering that the Balkans or North Africa could also benefit from the funds.

“For the Hungarian government, it is crucial that these issues should be clarified, and that’s why it did not approve the disbursement of the next tranche from the EPF,” the spokesman’s office told Reuters.

At present, the EU’s EPF has provided 3.6 billion euros ($3.9 billion) in military support to Kyiv.

Disputes With EU

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban had previously clashed with the EU regarding the country’s move to restrict the rights of migrants.

They also had disputes about Budapest tightening state controls over non-governmental organizations, academics, media, and courts.

The Central European nation has also repeatedly criticized EU sanctions against Russia for waging war against Ukraine.

The sanctions did not take effect immediately because all 27 EU member states, including Hungary, must unanimously give their approval.

Since the war began, Hungary has refused to provide military equipment to its neighbor.

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