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Israel, Peru Collaborate on Assault Rifle Production

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) has agreed to transfer technologies and knowledge for the ARAD family of assault rifles to a Peruvian arms and ammunition manufacturer.

As part of the deal announced Monday, both companies will establish a weapons assembly and production line in Peru.

The Israeli firm will also provide the know-how on small arms assembly, advanced quality assurance, and maintenance processes.

Moving forward, IWI and Fábrica de Armas y Municiones del Ejército (FAME) will explore the possibility of expanding local production to include additional weapons and optical sights.

“IWI is proud to have signed a cooperation agreement with FAME, which further strengthens its activities in Peru and in Latin America,” SK Group vice president Ronen Hamudot said.

“This is the first step in a cooperation that will generate employment opportunities in the country…”

ARAD Assault Rifle

Weighing only 2.85 kilograms (6.3 pounds), the ARAD rifle is designed to address the combat needs of Special Forces and infantry units.

It features a short-stroke gas piston with a gas regulator for improved performance in all environmental conditions.

The weapon also has a two-step enhanced trigger for comfortable and more accurate shooting.

The ARAD assault rifle is being offered with barrel lengths of 419 and 508 millimeters.

“IWI is a world-leader company, with decades of proven experience in the development, production and marketing of small arms,” FAME director Leoncio Noriega explained.

“This signing aligns us with a partner that has rich experience and technological knowledge that it will share with FAME, as part of the agreement, promoting the military industry of Peru.”

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