Cubic Team Offers Tactical Language Translation Capability for US, Allied Forces

Cubic Corporation has teamed with communication platform developers Instant Connect and Rally Tactical Systems to offer a language translation capability for US defense and allied militaries.

The consortium aims to support and improve “seamless” coalition communications between partner forces by advancing their tactical radio interoperability.

Instant Connect will provide its frontline push-to-talk (PTT) platform powered by Rally’s internet protocol-based Engage Engine communications application.

The platform will be integrated with Cubic’s Vocality, M3X, and M3-SE radio gateway dispatch solutions.

US soldier using radio communication equipment. Photo: US Army

“The Instant Connect PTT platform… offers coalition forces a range of best-in-class features that includes automatic language translation, super-lightweight serverless deployment, and superior interoperability across Mobile Ad Hoc Network and other radio environments,” Instant Connect CEO Forrest Claypool said.

“The caliber of our joint offering is irrefutable. For example, our PTT software solution is Joint Interoperability Test Command-certified and included on the DoD Information Network-approved product list, joining a select cadre of software products.”

Delivering Multilingual Collaboration

Once completed, the resulting tactical language capability will be distributed to command posts and military personnel, from dismounted soldiers to first responders.

This approach enables warfighters to maintain missions through communications flexibility, situational awareness, and instant exchange of information by eliminating language barriers.

“Our collaboration with Instant Connect Software and Rally Tactical Systems further enhances and extends our Mission Forward focus and provides warfighters with the Radio over Internet Protocol environments they need to accomplish the mission,” Cubic DTECH Mission Solutions Senior Vice President Anthony Verna said.

“The integration opens a world of opportunity to provide even greater radio and IP interoperability, performance and encryption, along with multiple-force, multilingual collaboration.”

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