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Australian Navy Taps Rheinmetall for Anti-Ship Missile Defense System 

The Royal Australian Navy has awarded Rheinmetall a 125-million euro ($138 million) contract to deliver anti-ship missile defense systems.

The service will deploy the Multi Ammunition Softkill System (MASS) on its Hobart-class destroyers and ANZAC-class frigates with an option to equip its entire fleet for 1 billion Australian dollars ($678 million).

The first systems will arrive by the end of 2023 and achieve full operational capability by 2027.

Multi Ammunition Softkill System 

The system comprises up to six launchers, each capable of firing a maximum of 32 Omni Trap decoy munitions.

The vessel-borne system protects against sensor and laser-guided anti-ship missiles in all “relevant wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum,” the manufacturer claims.

The system can be outfitted on all vessels operating on the high seas, littoral waters, or rivers.

Rheinmetall Australia’s First Naval Contract

Rheinmetall Defence Australia will produce, equip, and commission the systems locally under the contract, which includes technology transfer. 

“The contract, the first naval contract awarded to Rheinmetall Defence Australia represents a significant milestone as the company grows its local industrial footprint with further advanced assembly and training system capabilities in Australia,” noted Rheinmetall Defence Australia managing director Nathan Poyner

“Rheinmetall is committed to building Australian industry capability and creating advanced manufacturing Australian jobs in trades including mechanical, electrical, ammunition, and software.“

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