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AgEagle to Supply ‘eBee Vision’ Drones to US DoD

The US Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) has awarded AgEagle Aerial Systems a contract to deliver its eBee Vision fixed-wing drones and customized command and control software.

The capabilities must be developed in compliance with the US Department of Defense’s Robotic and Autonomous System-Air Interoperability Profile (RAS-A IOP).

RAS-A IOP is a ground control protocol to maintain standardized operations between different drone types approved for US federal agency deployment.

Throughout the project, AgEagle will connect its eBee drone with specific government networks.

AgEagle’s eBee Vision Drone

The eBee Vision aerial system is equipped with 32x zoom and thermal observation technology to capture high-resolution, medium-range video imagery.

The drone’s sensor payloads can identify and geo-locate targets day and night.

Furthermore, the eBee Vision can sustain 90 minutes of flight time and be flown by single personnel.

eBee Vision fixed-wing drone
eBee Vision fixed-wing drone. Photo: AgEagle Aerial Systems

Commercial Drones for Defense Use

AgEagle is part of an industry group supporting the US government’s ongoing BlueUAS program.

The initiative seeks to “curate, maintain, and improve” commercially-built small unmanned aerial systems that meet the diverse needs of Department of Defense users.

“We are very proud to have been awarded this key government contract from the DIU in support of its mission to field and scale transformational commercial technologies across the US military at commercial speed,” AgEagle CEO and Chairman Barrett Mooney stated.

“It is a true testament to AgEagle’s historical success in developing and bringing to market highly innovative drone-enabled solutions designed to meet and exceed the needs of our customers.”

“As global threats continue, so, too, will AgEagle works towards ensuring that our military forces are equipped with the most advanced UAS possible.”

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