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Lockheed to Produce 126 F-35s for US, Allies in $7.8B Deal

Lockheed Martin has received a $7.8 billion contract to supply 126 F-35 Lightning II multi-role fighter aircraft to the US and its allies by August 2026.

According to the contract announcement, 81 of the 126 under order will be in the F-35A configuration and delivered to various countries.

Of these, 43 F-35As will be handed over to the US Air Force, eight to Finland, seven to Italy, and six each to the Netherlands and Poland.

Japan and Belgium will also receive four units each, while the government of Denmark will get three aircraft under the configuration.

Lockheed Martin will also produce 26 F-35Bs, 15 of which will be distributed to the US Marine Corps, seven to the United Kingdom, two to Italy, and two to Japan.

The remaining 19 F-35s will be in the “C” configuration and delivered to the US Navy and the US Marine Corps.

In addition to the multi-role fighters, the company will provide air system diminishing manufacturing sources integration, software data loads, critical safety items, and red gear to the US and its international allies.

The F-35A Lightning II

The F-35 is a fifth-generation fighter aircraft originally developed for the US Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps.

Equipped with advanced integrated avionics, the aircraft provides improved situational awareness, allowing military pilots to survive in the latest threat environment.

It has a payload capacity of 18,000 pounds (8,160 kilograms) and a maximum speed of Mach 1.6.

The aircraft can be fitted with AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missiles and GBU-31 Joint Direct Attack Munitions.

“The F-35 is a capability in indications and warnings, command and control, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. The benefits of interoperability and networking offered by the F-35 and its proliferation among allies and partners doesn’t bode well for an enemy of NATO,” former NATO supreme allied commander Tod D. Wolters said.

Last year, Lockheed Martin also signed a contract with the US Department of Defense to build 375 F-35s for $30 billion.

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