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AeroVironment Receives More Funding for US Army Switchblade 300 Suicide Drones

The US Army has awarded AeroVironment $64.6 million in additional funding for the procurement of Switchblade 300 suicide drones, consisting of units allocated for the first Switchblade foreign military sale to France and another allied nation.

The agreement adds to the service’s original Switchblade contract with the company, increasing the overall funding to $231.3 million.

Last year, AeroVironment received a $20.6 million contract for the drones.

Switchblade 300s ordered under the latest contract will be delivered by July 2024.

Switchblade 300’s Effectiveness

The US Army has been operating the Switchblade 300s for over 10 years. The system’s loitering munition capabilities are used in real-time intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions.

The drone can provide video feed, detect GPS coordinates, and abort or re-engage targets in intercept missions.

The Switchblade 300’s advantage over beyond-line-of-sight threats made the US procure several of the systems for Ukraine to defend against Russia’s invasion.

Currently, Ukrainian warfighters deploy the drone for precision strikes.

“Switchblade 300 continues to be a critical weapon in the armed forces of Ukraine’s unmanned systems arsenal,” AeroVironment Tactical Missile Systems Vice President Brett Hush stated.

“This new contract further demonstrates the global demand for production-ready, combat-proven Switchblade 300 missile systems. We’re honored that Switchblade 300 continues to support the US military and our allies.”

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