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Israel to Test New Missile Early Warning System in Ukraine

Israel will deploy its new missile early warning system in Kyiv next month to detect incoming Russian attacks, according to a report by Walla news outlet, citing Israeli and Ukrainian officials.

The move was discussed during meetings in Poland between representatives of the Israel Defense Forces’ Home Front Command and defense officials from Ukraine.

They talked about necessary adjustments to the system and several other considerations, such as the country’s size and the number of missiles and drones Russia usually launches.

According to the report, deploying the early warning system in Ukraine for testing will be crucial in assessing its effectiveness in a new environment.

It would also provide valuable data on the system’s performance and help refine its capabilities.

If the test is successful, the system will be deployed in other cities with a population of more than one million.

Tweaks to the System

The Israeli missile warning system uses a mix of radar and electro-optic components to effectively detect missile launches, classify the size and threat they pose, and pinpoint the areas in danger on a map.

In Jerusalem, it has been credited for saving hundreds of lives during conflicts with militants in the Gaza Strip.

In Ukraine, the system will operate by establishing a connection to Kyiv’s existing radar system and sending “faster” and “more accurate” alerts to civilians’ mobile phones.

It would also activate alarms in areas where Russian missiles may hit.

However, unlike in Israel, the early warning system for the war-torn nation will feature alerts only and will be without its usual interception capabilities.

Ukraine has urged the Middle Eastern country to provide it with missile interceptors, but Jerusalem declined because it might overly antagonize Moscow.

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