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Russia Says ‘Repelled’ Drone Attack on Crimea Port

Russian authorities said Monday they had “repelled” a drone attack on the port of Sevastopol in Moscow-annexed Crimea, adding that there was no damage nor casualties.

The peninsula, seized by Russia from Ukraine in 2014, is home to Moscow’s Black Sea Fleet and has been hit by a series of drone attacks since the Kremlin’s special military operation in Ukraine in February last year.

“An attempted attack on Sevastopol was repelled from 3:30 am,” the Russian-installed governor Mikhail Razvozhayev said on Telegram, adding that one unmanned surface vehicle, or drone ship, was destroyed while a second exploded.

“Everything is calm in the city. But all the troops and services are ready for combat.”

In October, Russia’s Black Sea Fleet was hit by a major drone attack that the Kremlin blamed on Ukraine.

In mid-April, Russian authorities announced there would be no celebrations on May 1 and 9 (the date of the end of WWII in Russia) in Sevastopol due to “security problems.”

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