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Raytheon Clinches $237M US Army Counter-Drone Systems Contract

Raytheon Technologies has received a $237 million contract from the US Army to deliver Ku-band Radio Frequency Sensors (KuRFS) and Coyote effectors to neutralize hostile drones.

The contract covers stationary and portable systems which will aid US Central Command operations.

The KuRFS is expected to provide the service with advanced 360-degree threat detection.

The Coyote, meanwhile, will be deployed to defeat enemy drones.

Raytheon President Tom Laliberty described hostile unmanned aerial systems as an increasingly “evident and global threat” to the military.

He added that the systems would provide “a proven, reliable, and essential layer of defense” to US Army bases and assets.

Additional Capabilities

Apart from enemy drones, Raytheon’s KuRFS is designed to sense incoming rockets, artillery, and mortars.

It can be set up within 30 minutes in a fixed location or on a military vehicle.

The sensor can also cue defensive weapons such as the land-based Phalanx Weapon System, high-energy lasers, and the Coyote.

The tube-launched Coyote effector features improved surveillance imagery, enhanced targeting capability, and near real-time damage assessment.

It can be deployed from the ground, the air, or a ship.

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