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US Resupply of Taiwan ‘Impossible’ Once Chinese Invasion Begins: War Game

The US cannot resupply Taiwan with weapons and equipment once a potential Chinese invasion begins, according to the result of a recent US congressional war game.

The tabletop exercise was conducted by the House of Representatives Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in cooperation with the Washington think tank Center for a New American Security.

The war game simulated a potential invasion, illustrating the need to arm the island nation “to the teeth” before a conflict begins.

The US must also boost its production of long-range missiles and prepare for economic fallout.

“We are well within the window of maximum danger for a Chinese Communist Party invasion of Taiwan, and yesterday’s war game stressed the need to take action to deter CCP aggression and arm Taiwan to the teeth before any crisis begins,” Republican Mike Gallagher said.

Massive Weapons Backlog

The US has been increasingly concerned about the possibility of Beijing invading the self-ruled island, which it claims as its own.

President Xi Jinping has not ruled out using force to reunite with Taiwan.

To deter a potential Chinese attack, Gallagher stated that Washington must clear its $19-billion weapons backlog to Taiwan.

It must also conduct enhanced joint military training and reinforce the US military in the region.

A source close to the committee disclosed the war game conclusions to Reuters, saying that the US will lose if it does not shore up basing agreements with regional allies.

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