Saab to Modify Brazil’s C-390 Millennium Aircraft for Swedish Air Force

Saab has sealed an agreement with Brazil’s Embraer to modify the C-390 Millennium military transport aircraft and propose it to the Swedish Air Force.

The partnership was signed during last week’s Latin American Aerospace and Defense conference in Rio de Janeiro.

According to Saab, the collaboration would allow the airlifter to meet the tactical air transport requirements of the Swedish Air Force and strengthen Embraer’s bid to get the nation to buy the Millennium.

They will reportedly explore integrating Saab-supplied equipment and systems into the multi-mission aircraft for improved performance.

The Swedish aerospace firm produces state-of-the-art aircraft components, including flight control systems and fiber optic sensors.

“The C-390 Millennium is the most modern military tactical transport aircraft of the new generation. Its multi-mission platform offers incomparable mobility, combining high productivity and operating flexibility with low operating costs, which is an unbeatable combination,” the company stated in a press release.

Gripen for Latin America

Apart from proposing Brazil’s C-390 to Sweden, the partnership will explore new business opportunities, including the potential sale of the Gripen multi-role fighter aircraft to Brazil and other Latin American countries.

Saab will allow its new partner to use the Gripen Design and Development Network and establish a final assembly line at Embraer’s facility in São Paulo.

The Brazilian firm will also have increased participation in future Gripen contracts.

The nation has already funded the production of 36 Gripen fighter jets, but the order could be expanded to 70 or more in the coming years.

“Our two companies have worked together to deliver an outstanding capability for Brazil that will last for decades,” Saab President Micael Johansson said. “This [memorandum of understanding] is an important and gratifying step toward growing that cooperation into new areas between Saab and Embraer that goes beyond Brazil.”

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