Sweden, Finland Ink Joint Firearms Procurement From Sako

Sweden and Finland have signed a framework agreement to replenish their firearms in partnership with Riihimäk-based weapons provider Sako.

The joint procurement will enable a cost-effective approach to delivering the armaments for the partners. It will have a base period of 10 years and a 21-year optional period until 2053.

The initial phase will supply Finland with 700,000 euros ($760,000) in assault rifles and personal protective weapons for field tests.

Meanwhile, Sweden spent 78 million euros ($85 million) for 5.56×45 and 7.62×51 caliber assault rifles, 7.62×51 caliber sniper rifles, and .338 Lapua Magnums.

5.56×45 caliber assault rifle
5.56×45 caliber assault rifle. Photo: Sako Ltd.

The guns will replace the government’s Psg90 sniper rifles and AK4 & AK5 rifles, most of which have been in service since the 1960s and 1980s.

The sniper rifle orders are expected to be delivered by 2024, while the 5.56-caliber assault rifles and other firearms will arrive in 2025.

Alongside the weapons, Sako will provide training materials and practice lessons for trainers, technical staff, and other personnel.

Increasing Sweden-Finland Military Cooperation

According to Sako, the procurement is part of more extensive cooperation between Sweden and Finland to advance in combat weapons and defense technology.

The framework agreement bolsters the firearms supply for both countries, improving interoperability by utilizing similar weapons and ammunition.

“The agreement signed today will affect virtually all Swedish Defence Forces personnel, who will in the long term have access to new modern weapons,” Finnish Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Jonas Lotsne stated.

“We are now taking a big step towards replacing virtually all the weapons in our armed forces and that is very gratifying.”

“The fact that Sweden and Finland will acquire a single weapon system from the same manufacturer will increase the possibilities for cooperation in terms of weapon use, training, development and ammunition procurement.”

TRG M10 .338 Lapua Mag sniper rifle
TRG M10 .338 Lapua Mag sniper rifle. Photo: Sako Ltd.

Long-Term Impact

For Sako, the agreement enhances the company’s strategic objectives in supporting the Swedish and Finnish armed forces.

“The signed agreement will have a significant impact on the growth of Sako’s business and on the defence and security of supply of both countries,” Sako CEO and Board Member Raimo Karjalainen said.

“Sako Ltd’s products ensure that both the Finnish and Swedish Defence Forces will have state-of-the-art products to ensure the security of their countries.” 

“The agreement will have a major impact in the long term, and will have a significant impact on employment at Sako. Already at this stage, the project involves several dozen professionals who have shown excellent commitment and dedication to the project.”

“In addition to new jobs, the project will also have a significant impact on new investments and Sako’s subcontractors.”

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