Egypt First Confirmed Foreign Customer of Akeron Anti-Tank Missiles: Report

The Egyptian Navy is the first confirmed foreign customer of the French-made Akeron MP anti-tank guided missiles, according to a report by Janes.

A photo on social media shows personnel from Cairo’s Special Forces Brigade showing their new weapons and equipment, including the Akeron missile system.

It has a launcher and a missile tube in tan rather than the original green.

The missile was displayed alongside the RPG-32 shoulder-launched unguided anti-tank rocket system.

The Akeron weapon is expected to provide a much-needed boost to Egypt’s defense capabilities to address existing and future security threats.

The Akeron Missile

Developed by French defense firm MBDA, the Akeron is a fifth-generation land and naval combat missile system.

It features an advanced tandem warhead that can penetrate heavy armor.

Due to its lightweight design, the weapon can attack both stationary and moving targets.

The missile offers three different operating modes: fire-and-forget, man-in-the-loop, and lock-on after launch using a third-party target designation.

The latest generation Akeron MP offers advanced positioning and digital communications capabilities to effectively engage both visible and beyond-line-of-sight targets.

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