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Japan Receives Second Taigei-Class Submarine ‘JS Hakugei’

Japan has received and commissioned its latest Taigei-class attack submarine, the JS Hakugei, at Kobe Shipyard.

The vessel’s construction began in 2019, while its launch was conducted in 2021.

The Hakugei was completed in partnership with Kawasaki and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries this year.

The submarine is the second Taigei-class vessel and the 30th submarine built at the shipyard after World War II.

The JS Hakugei

According to Kawasaki, the Hakugei is built with high pressure resistance, enhanced propulsion, and “superior” sub-surface operability.

It is powered by lithium-ion battery systems for improved automated capabilities and submerged endurance.

Moreover, the 84-meter (275-feet) submarine is equipped with advanced surveillance sonar, increased safety features, stealth capabilities, and specialized facilities for female crew.

The Hakugei is armed with homing torpedoes and Harpoon anti-ship missiles.

Taigei-Class Submarines

The first submarine of the class, the JS Taigei, was launched in 2020. It completed sea trials in 2021 and entered service the following year.

In 2022, Japan launched its third submarine, the JS Jingei, in Kobe.

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