Poland Deploys Anti-Tank Barricades on Russian, Belarusian Borders

The Polish military has deployed anti-tank barriers on its borders with Russia and Belarus to prepare for a potential escalation of the war in Ukraine.

Poland could be heavily affected by the conflict should it spread beyond Ukraine’s borders.

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak recently tweeted photos showing his country’s security measures to protect its border with Kaliningrad Oblast.

He said the move is part of Warsaw’s deterrence strategy.

Last year, Ukraine also installed anti-tank metal barriers called “Hedgehogs” to stop wheeled vehicles from entering its territory.

Lithuania Following Suit?

Poland’s move to strengthen its ground defenses has fueled calls for neighbor Lithuania to follow suit.

Laurynas Kasčiūnas, the chairman of the Lithuanian Parliamentary Committee on National Security and Defense, said he has already drafted a law on the country’s counter-mobility measures, including border fortifications.

The committee will reportedly discuss the proposed fortification of the Lithuanian border later this month.

“We are connected by the Suwalki Gap, and we have a common interest in securing that particular area from the Kaliningrad and Belarusian side,” retired colonel Vaidotas Malinionis explained.

He further noted that if Moscow takes hostile actions against Ukraine’s nearby allies, the unprotected borders in Vilnius could allow the easier passage of enemy forces.

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