Canada Mulls $6B P-8A Poseidon Aircraft Acquisition From Boeing

The Canadian government is considering purchasing 14 P-8A Poseidon aircraft from Boeing under a $6-billion deal.

The information surfaced after Canadian Defence Minister Anita Anand traveled to the US to meet with representatives from Boeing and discuss future military programs and collaborations.

In 2022, Ottawa issued a request for information for a new multi-mission aircraft to replace its fleet of 14 CP-140 Aurora maritime patrol aircraft.

Among the first to issue a proposal was Boeing, with its P-8A long-range maritime patrol aircraft that shares many common features with the Canadian 737NG.

The acquisition is an attempt to enhance the country’s maritime surveillance, anti-submarine warfare, and intelligence-gathering capabilities.

If selected, the P-8A is scheduled to undergo an initial operational capability review by 2034, with full operational capability anticipated in 2040.

Lengthy Acquisition Process

As early as 2016, Canada signified its intention to procure new maritime multi-mission aircraft to improve its defense capabilities.

It joined a NATO forum in 2018 to acquire knowledge and share resources for the development of a maritime warplane.

The initiative paved the way for Ottawa to enter into a procurement agreement.

Canada considered buying P-8As from Boeing at the time, but government funding was not sufficient.

Instead, the defense department delayed the CP-140 replacement program and began upgrading the aircraft to keep it operational until the 2030s.

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