US Navy Receives Latest Air-Cushioned Vessel

The US Navy has received its latest landing craft air cushion vessel (LCAC 105) for weapon systems, equipment, and personnel transport.

The handover follows a naval board inspection and survey to complete acceptance trials.

During the demonstration, the navy evaluated the LCAC 105’s capability and readiness according to service requirements.

Bolstering Naval Posture

The new tranche of LCACs has the same clearances, dimensions, and configurations as previous LCACs, the US Navy said.

The vessels are compatible with deck-equipped assault, landing dock, and transport vessels.

US Navy Landing Craft Air Cushioned
A US Navy Landing Craft Air Cushioned (LCAC) in Leyte Gulf, Philippines, in 2006. Photo: Michael D. Kennedy/US Navy

Each next-generation LCAC can carry payloads between 60 to 75 tons (54,000 to 68,000 kilograms) and are used to transport weapons, cargo, and personnel equipment.

“LCACs are a critical tool for the Navy, the Marine Corps, and all of our warfighters,” Amphibious US Navy Assault and Connectors Program Manager Capt. Jason Grabelle stated.

“This delivery comes at an important time for the fleet, and their inclusion will only strengthen our posture.”

The US Navy’s Growing LCAC Fleet

The next-generation LCAC production is led by Textron Systems in Slidell, Louisiana. The firm is currently constructing future LCACs 107 to 115.

In 2020, Textron received a $386.3-million contract to modify and build additional LCACs for the US Navy.

Last year, the service received LCAC 106 to support military logistics across naval territories.

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