Parsons Awarded Air Base Air Defense Contract for US Air Forces Europe and Africa

The US Department of Defense has awarded Virginia-based Parsons an $18-million contract to supply air-base air-defense (ABAD) solutions for US Air Forces Europe and Air Forces Africa.

The agreement includes delivering anti-airborne capabilities against threats such as unmanned aerial systems and cruise missiles.

The one-year contract features a two-year option to provide additional solutions.

Work will be performed at Ramstein Air Base in Germany.

Parsons will work with the air base’s Systems Integration Laboratory to deliver related services, including technical baseline approaches, early warning system development, ABAD training, and engineering support.

‘Transforming the Battlespace’

According to Parsons, the ABAD contract supports US defense efforts to enhance US Air Force installations in the European and African theater.

“The global threat environment continues evolving at a rapid pace that is exceeding our existing air defense approach and requires more flexible, innovative solutions to ensure force protection,” Parsons ABAD Program Manager John Scarlett stated.

“Our team is partnering with the Air Force to continue transforming the battlespace by developing scalable, responsive, all-domain air base defense systems that quickly detect, alert, deny, and defeat threats ranging from across the spectrum.”

Previous US Air Force Contracts With Parsons

In 2021, Parsons received a $953-million contract to design, operate, and maintain ABAD systems for US Air Forces Europe and Air Forces Africa.

In January, Parsons segment Xator signed an agreement for multiple subcontracting positions supporting the air force’s integrated base defense security system.

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