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Taiwan to Simulate Chinese Amphibious Landings, Counterattacks

The Taiwanese military will conduct a simulation of Chinese amphibious landings on Taipei’s beaches to prepare for a potential future armed conflict.

The first drills, carried out next week, will take place near the fishing ports of Zhuwei Beach in the north and Zhiben Beach in the southeast.

The country’s Amphibious 151st Fleet initiates the exercises, which will feature offensive and defensive strategies.

Another drill will take place later this month in Taiwan’s southwest waters, which will include rapid mine-laying and mine-sweeping at sea.

The Taiwanese Ministry of National Defense has instructed the Navy 192 Fleet to lead the drill.

‘Red Beaches’

Several military analysts and experts have warned that there are 14 possible beaches in Taiwan that the People’s Liberation Army could use to launch an amphibious invasion.

So-called “Red Beaches,” the strategic locations include Jinshan (North), Jinshan (South), Linkou, Fulong, Zhuangwei, Luodong, and Linyuan.

Taichung Beach in the west could also be an initial target for the Chinese since it has both a port and an airport, and is surrounded by highlands and mountains.

Once the beach and then the city are captured, Beijing could divide the island nation into two, cutting the links between the main forces in the country’s north and south.

Not the First Time

This is not the first time Taiwan conducts simulation exercises to prepare for a potential Chinese invasion.

In January last year, Taipei deployed its troops and armored vehicles for a mock urban street battle with China.

Another drill occurred later that year, simulating potential Chinese aerial attacks on Taiwan’s critical infrastructure.

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