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Spanish Army Demonstrates Hybrid Drone’s ‘Scan & Clear’ Capability

The Spanish Army has successfully demonstrated the “Rooster” hybrid drone system’s capability of performing building scan-and-clear missions.

The trial took place in a simulated hostile urban environment with the help of Madrid-based telecommunications firm Telefónica.

During the event, Spanish forces executed ground drills against enemy positions in a building while using the Rooster drone manufactured in Israel.

The primary objective was to scan and clear the building to then safely penetrate a compound.

Participating soldiers physically secured the bottom floor, while the Rooster was tasked to scan the upper floors and relay real-time intelligence to the forces on the ground.

In another scenario, the drone entered through a hole in the building’s roof to ensure that the area was safe for assault.

The unmanned system was controlled by an operator located two kilometers (1.24 miles) away from the simulated hostile environment.

‘A Revolutionary Drone’

Developed by Robotican, the Rooster is a hybrid unmanned aerial system that can support indoor and underground reconnaissance missions.

It is described as a “revolutionary” and “easy-to-operate” drone due to its cutting-edge payload, which includes high-performance sensors and cameras.

It can operate in caves, rubbles, tunnels, and disaster sites for up to 90 minutes.

Additionally, the system has a cage that helps prevent any damage caused by in-flight collisions.

Mesh communication also reportedly increases the system’s effectiveness in underground and communication-denied areas.

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