US, Poland, Germany May Hold Joint Maneuvres: Minister

Washington is in talks with Berlin and Warsaw to hold joint military maneuvers in Poland in response to Russia’s threat to the eastern border of the NATO alliance, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said Sunday.

Exercises were being “considered,” Pistorius told public broadcaster ARD, without confirming or adding any details “for now.”

Military maneuvers in a country bordering Ukraine, invaded one year ago by Russia, would send a “very clear” signal to NATO allies “but also to (Russian President Vladimir) Putin,” he added.

NATO “is far from being as weak as (Putin) has believed for a long time,” said Pistorius.

“It’s a lot stronger and more united than last year” before Russian troops’ February 2022 assault.

Even so, “for countries in eastern Europe, like Poland, the Baltic states, Slovakia and others, it’s important to see that Germany as the most important European member of the alliance, and the US as transatlantic partner, are upholding their defence obligations,” he added.

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