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India Develops Indigenous Anti-Radiation Missile Decoy System

India’s Bharat Electronics Limited has developed an anti-radiation missile decoy system to protect the Akash surface-to-air missile.

The unmanned system mimics the electromagnetic waves emitted by air defense system radar, deceiving the anti-radiation missile (ARM).

“When a threat aircraft releases an ARM to hit the Akash missile system, the anti-radiation decoy system releases a radio frequency and distracts the ARM’s path,” The Indian Express quoted a company scientist as saying.

“It is unmanned and can be remotely operated from a control system. We have been working on this for quite some time as we wanted a thoroughly indigenous product to protect the Akash missile system. It can be operated in all weather conditions.”

An ARM forces an air defense system to shut off its radars for safety, allowing the enemy air platforms a free run, Indian Defence Research Wing explained.

It added that the decoy would enable the radars to remain operational throughout the attack, making the breach difficult.

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