Systematic Signs Long-Term Software Support Contract for Danish Armed Forces

Systematic has signed a 20-year framework agreement to support the Danish Armed Forces’ SitaWare command and control software.

As part of the contract, the company will work on projects and consulting services associated with the system.

Systematic will also contribute to future infrastructure and security solution developments across the Danish joint forces.

“We are faced with an extensive digitisation task which will be hugely important for the future operational work of the Armed Forces,” Danish Ministry of Defence Materiel and Procurement Director Lt. Gen. Kim Jørgensen stated.

“It is against this background that we now enter a long-term, strategic collaboration with Systematic, so that we ensure effective data coherence and data exchange of the Armed Forces’ operational systems across all forces.”

‘An Effective Tool’

SitaWare is a command, control, communications, computers intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance system that enables “seamless interoperability” for multi-domain warfighters.

For 15 years, the software has supported the Danish Armed Forces and is a critical asset for the military’s modernization efforts.

SitaWare is being used in 45 countries, including Germany, the US, and NATO allies and partners.

“We need to be able to cooperate effectively with our allies in NATO,” Danish Army Chief Maj. Gen. Gunner Nielsen said.

“Our deployed forces have greatly benefited from SitaWare, which has also proven to be an effective tool in joint NATO exercises, increasing the security of the deployed soldiers and ensuring information-sharing between the allied units.”

“Seen in that light, the strategic framework agreement with Systematic is an important step on that journey.”

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