Raytheon to Produce Advanced C-130 Hercules Propellers in $135M Deal

The US Air Force has contracted Raytheon Technologies to produce new advanced propellers for its C-130 Hercules aircraft.

Valued at $135 million, the agreement will require the company to deliver NP2000 propeller systems, including electronic control systems and spare parts.

According to Raytheon, the eight composite-bladed propeller system will improve the performance of the military transport aircraft.

Its composite blades can be removed individually without removing the entire system, making maintenance work more efficient.

“Reliability and maintainability are important to our customers,” company official Quinlan Lyte said in a press release. “We are retrofitting the Air Force’s fleet to improve performance, increase flight safety, and lower operating cost.”

Work will be carried out at Raytheon’s facility in Connecticut.

The C-130 Aircraft

The US Air Force C-130 Hercules is a tactical lift aircraft designed to operate from rough, dirt airstrips.

It can carry oversized cargo including utility helicopters, armored vehicles, and military personnel.

The plane can also airdrop payloads with a weight up to 42,000 pounds (19,050 kilograms) and fly up to 417 miles (671 kilometers) per hour.

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