Russia Failing to Meet Demands of New Offensive: UK Intel

Russia’s defense industry is failing to meet the demands of the “new offensive” the country is planning against Ukraine, according to the latest UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) intelligence report.

The intel, released nine days before the war’s first anniversary on February 24, suggests that Moscow’s military-industrial output is already becoming “a critical weakness.”

Defense production is reportedly falling short due to sanctions imposed by the US and other Ukrainian allies.

The UK MoD report comes amid calls from senior Russian military officials about beefing up Moscow’s defense output.

It pointed out that earlier this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly criticized Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov for “fooling around” while contracts for military aircraft are taking so long to be secured.

The following month, Deputy Security Council Chairman Dmitry Medvedev called for an increase in tank production to support the special military operation in Kyiv.

“Senior Russian leaders are likely aware that the state’s military industrial output is becoming a critical weakness, exacerbated by the strategic and operational miscalculation of invading Ukraine,” the report noted.

‘Starting to Have Direct Impact’

The US was one of the first countries to impose heavy sanctions on Russia since its invasion began on February 24 last year.

It targeted people and firms allegedly involved in supporting Russia’s military during the war in Ukraine.

The UK and other countries followed suit, resulting in Moscow turning to “less technologically-advanced countries” such as Iran for military supplies.

“The expansion of western sanctions has started having a direct impact on the Russian defense industry’s capacity to meet the demands of high intensity warfare with high attrition rates for military assets,” GlobalData analyst Tristan Sauer told Army Technology.

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