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Elbit Systems Delivers 600,000th E-LynX Tactical Radio System

Israeli defense firm Elbit Systems has announced the delivery of its 600,000th E-LynX software-defined radio (SDR) system. The radio was delivered to Sweden.

The platform is part of Sweden’s Tactical Ground Radio program to equip its military with the latest, most secure communication systems.

According to the company, the E-LynX SBR system offers the fast, advanced communication needed on the modern battlefield.

It transmits voice, data, and video simultaneously in all terrain and supports multi-domain digitization systems.

“The delivery of the 600,000th operational radio is a unique and exciting milestone that highlights Elbit Systems’ position as a global market leader and as an advanced technological communication and radio power-house for more than 55 years,” Elbit Systems manager Haim Delmar said.

E-LynX family of software defined radio systems. Photo: Elbit Systems

‘Operational Flexibility’

Elbit Systems’ fifth-generation E-LynX SBR system is designed to provide operators with improved operational efficiency and connectivity.

The company said its battlefield network solutions offer superior combat awareness without compromising user experience.

Additionally, the system provides operational flexibility, enabling end-users to seamlessly interconnect with all network resources using IP-based routing.

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