Germany Test-Flies ‘Kalaetron Attack’ Jamming System

German defense firm Hensoldt has announced a flight test of its “Kalaetron Attack” radar jamming system.

The trial follows a series of laboratory and ground tests to ensure the system’s effectiveness in performing airborne electronic attack operations.

A demonstrator was put on board a PC-12 test aircraft to detect various air defense radars and interfere with them by jamming their signals.

The test demonstrated the technology’s ability to engage multiple targets and employ various jamming techniques.

Hensoldt official Christoph Ruffner said that neutralizing enemy air defense radars before deploying soldiers is crucial on the modern battlefield as detection systems become increasingly sophisticated.

“Our flight tests proved that Kalaetron Attack can combat ground-based threats to our air force and protect aircrews,” he said.


Part of Hensoldt’s “Kalaetron” family of products, the Kalaetron Attack jamming system is designed to provide various forms of self-protection and signal reconnaissance.

Its core elements include a completely digitized broadband sensor and effector, a condensed design of 3D-printed electronic components, and an electronically controllable jammer.

The system can be fitted onto a variety of aerial platforms and configured for land and sea assets.

Kalaetron Attack serves as an escort jammer on board the Eurofighter, significantly increasing the aircraft’s assertiveness against highly integrated air defense clusters.

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