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Boeing Tests Australia’s New Maritime Communications System

Boeing has conducted a successful trial of the Royal Australian Navy’s new maritime communications system.

Performed in collaboration with engineering partner BMT, the test allowed developers to validate the networking and management software of the Maritime Warfighter Network.

The team incorporated meshed broadband line-of-sight radios, as well as wired and wireless shore connectivity.

According to Boeing joint systems director Murray Brabrook, the initiative allowed the company and its partner to evaluate the system’s “high-level” technical and operational capabilities.

“The maturity of our technology will ensure the shortest path to a minimal viable product and provide sovereign control to evolve the network in line with the Navy’s emerging needs,” he said.

The communications system is expected to undergo more test and integration activities this year.

Maritime Suitability

The Maritime Warfighter Network is an evolution of Boeing’s Integrated Battlespace Telecommunications Network (I-BTN).

I-BTN has been in service with the Australian Defence Forces for the past five years, offering a “low-risk path” to joint, allied, and coalition interoperability.

BMT claims that its new system leverages the company’s naval expertise in assessing hardware suitability for the maritime environment.

“Our work in supporting the capability lifecycle and managing system integration across the maritime domain is absolutely critical to ensuring we provide a resilient, evolvable communications system that supports the Navy’s ability to maintain a warfighting edge,” BMT official Graeme Nayler stated.

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