Denmark, Finland Team Up for Joint Naval Mine Development

Denmark-based SH Defence has signed a memorandum of agreement with Finnish companies DA-Group and Forcit Defence for a joint sea mine project.

The collaboration will explore future mine-laying solutions based on existing capabilities produced by each partner.

Next-Gen Sea Mine Systems for Allied Navies

Under the agreement, the team will leverage SH Defence’s Cube modular mission system and associated equipment to develop mine deployment and storage concepts.

The resulting platforms are expected to be compatible with DA-Group and Forcit sea mines, such as the Turso and Blocker naval explosive devices.

“The Cube System, currently available with more than 300 different payloads from approximately 160 vendors, offers a flexible and cost-efficient solution that enables reconfiguration of a vessel in only a few hours,” SH Defence Sales Director Lars Gullaksen stated.

“This partnership with DA-Group and FORCIT allows us to jointly develop the multi-mission capabilities and expand the portfolio of payloads to include the most modern sea mines for the adaptability of both Scandinavian, NATO, and other navies.” 

‘Full Spectrum’ Maritime Defense Support

DA-Group will provide its proprietary Sumico naval mine-laying design and combine its features with the Cube system “to enhance navies’ operational capabilities and flexibility.”

“We have been working with sea mines and mission modularity for years and we have seen the need for such a system,” DA-Group’s Kristian Tornivaara said.

“Recent developments in the security environment have emphasized the importance of sea denial and naval mine capabilities,” Forcit Defence Vice President Hannu Hytti added.

“With this partnership with SH Defence and DA Group we are able to provide world class full spectrum naval capabilities for maritime defence.”

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