Cubic Receives US Army Award to Modernize Foreign Military Combat Training Center

The US Army has awarded Cubic Mission and Performance Solutions (CMPS) a contract to modernize a partner military force’s combat training center.

Under the agreement, the company will provide the training center with total life-cycle management solutions, including live training and sustainment capabilities.

The foreign customer’s supported assets will include anti-tank weapons, fixed and mobile networks, observer controller voice systems, vehicles, and individual soldiers.

Supporting an Allied Force

According to CMPS, the agreement extends the company’s 25-year partnership with the foreign partner in live training system programs.

“Now, more than ever, supporting the readiness of our partners and allies is of critical importance,” CMPS President Paul Shew stated.

“We’re proud to continue the support of our foreign partners with modernization of their Combat Training Centers.”

Improved Foreign Military Training and Readiness

Once employed, CMPS’ software and integration products will provide the foreign battle personnel with multi-domain training across various sites.

“Our mature products, high-volume production facility, established supply chain, along with our global workforce continue to provide our customers worldwide the ability to conduct training and enhance readiness,” CMPS Vice President and Training Solutions General Manager Jonas Furukrona said.

“Delivering training opportunities at the right time, place, and in the correct situation will benefit our foreign partners both in the present and the future.”

CMPS is currently engaged in live training system efforts with the US, NATO, and allied militaries.

More than 250,000 company training solutions are employed worldwide at over 25 fixed and mobile training centers.

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