Polysentry Receives US Air Force AI Data Management Contract

The US Air Force has awarded data solutions provider Polysentry a contract to develop an AI-powered information classification platform.

The agreement supports the service’s efforts to enhance accuracy and efficiency in managing the growing volume of government and defense data.

Automated Data Classification

Under the agreement, the company will develop AI-Enabled Classification Operations (AI-COP) that sort complex documents and tag them with correct classification markings according to customizable government and defense policies.

Alongside artificial intelligence, the automated data management capability applies technologies such as natural language processing and knowledge graphs.

Works for the AI-COP will be conducted alongside the US Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center and Digital Transformation Office.

Maintaining US Air Force Data Management

According to Polysentry, the AI-COP solution is expected to reduce data management costs, enhance data classification workflows, and improve information access for qualified air force personnel.

“Polysentry was founded with the mission to provide a better way for organizations to analyze and extract knowledge from their ever-growing volumes of data,” Polysentry CEO Tyler Cicirello stated.

“We are honored to be working side by side with the United States Air Force to develop an AI-enabled data classification platform that meets the needs of their operations – not only for today but for the future.”

Polysentry’s Battle Management System

In 2021, the US Air Force and Polysentry signed a $950 million contract to develop an advanced battle management system.

The project leveraged algorithm development, systems design, and modern software to support the service’s joint all-domain command and control operations.

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