FMD Receives US Navy Freedom-Class Engine Support Contract

The US Navy has awarded Wisconsin-based Fairbanks Morse Defense (FMD) a contract to support its Freedom-class littoral combat ships (LCS).

The agreement will see FMD deliver technical and engineering services for the vessels’ main propulsion diesel engines.

Works will include providing related parts, repair, and sustainment services to enhance engine performance and the Freedom fleet’s operability.

FMD’s factory-certified specialists will also conduct associated training to prepare navy personnel for immediate engine maintenance.

“Supporting our nation’s fleets requires a finely tuned balance of service and speed of delivery,” FMD CEO George Whittier stated.

“This is something that Fairbanks Morse Defense has mastered over more than a century of configuring the delivery of every customer engagement.”

USS Freedom LCS 1
Littoral combat ship USS Freedom (LCS 1) conducting sea trials off the coast of southern California. Image: US Navy/Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class James R. Evans

Supporting the US Navy’s LCS Fleet

FMD has been the US Navy’s partner in marine technology and ship service programs for almost 100 years.

According to the company, about 80 percent of the navy’s medium-speed vessels have been powered by FMD solutions since then.

“We manufactured and delivered the main propulsion diesel engines for the LCS Freedom-class vessels, and no one else knows these engines better than our service team,” Whittier said.

“We stand ready to provide the essential services that ensure our fleet is always mission-ready.”

FMD’s San Antonio-Class Contract

In 2022, FMD received a contract to deliver main propulsion diesel engines for the US Navy’s 16th San Antonio-class vessel.

The agreement is part of a $240-million deal to procure the ship in the next-generation landing dock platform Flight II configuration.

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