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Japan Approves Development of Interchangeable Warhead Cruise Missile: Report

The Japanese government has approved the development of a cruise missile compatible with reconnaissance, radar jamming, and conventional use warheads.

The warheads will improve the missile’s striking accuracy, The Japan News revealed, citing sources. 

Three-Warhead Missile

To take out a target, a “high-performance” camera-mounted reconnaissance warhead is first launched to determine the target’s precise location. 

It is followed by an electromagnetic wave-emitting warhead to disable enemy radar and sensors. 

Finally, the conventional warhead-equipped missile is launched for the strike. The missile will be capable of striking a target as far as 1,000 kilometers (621 miles).

Prototype Production From April

The ministry of defense has been researching and developing the missile’s rocket engine since 2018. 

The missile prototype production is expected to begin as early as April, with the aim of inducting it as soon as possible.  

Possible Targets

The missile would be deployed against vessels threatening islands such as the Nanseis and enemy missile launching sites as part of the country’s counter-strike capabilities.

This is in addition to the upgraded indigenous Type 12 missile and high-speed glide missiles.

Tokyo is also considering the acquisition of US Tomahawk long-range cruise missiles, factoring in the possible delay in the induction of the Type 12s by 2026.

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