Russia Produces First Poseidon Nuclear-Powered Torpedoes: Report

Russia has successfully produced its first Poseidon nuclear-powered torpedoes, according to a report by the state-owned TASS news agency, citing military sources.

The production of the long-endurance weapon follows trials to evaluate if its components are mission-ready.

Separate tests were also conducted on the weapon’s nuclear power source.

It is unclear if the first batch of Poseidons has been equipped with nuclear warheads. Without the warheads, the torpedoes reportedly remain unarmed.

However, it was revealed that the weapons are set to be fitted onto the country’s Belgorod special-purpose nuclear submarine.

The Poseidon Torpedo

First announced in 2018, the Poseidon is an intercontinental autonomous torpedo with its own nuclear power supply.

It is designed to attack enemy coastal targets from thousands of miles away.

Measuring 65-feet (19.8 meters) long and 6.5-feet (1.9 meters) wide, the Poseidon is said to be the largest torpedo ever deployed.

Since it is nuclear-powered, the weapon boasts an increased speed of up to 70 knots (129 kilometers/80 miles per hour), making it very challenging to intercept underwater.

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Poseidon would be a fundamentally new type of nuclear weapon.

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