Moldova Receives First Piranha-3H Armored Vehicles From Germany

Moldova has taken delivery of the first three of 19 Piranha-3H armored personnel carriers (APCs) from Germany as part of a military support package.

Funded through Berlin’s Enable and Enhance Initiative, the new armored vehicles will reportedly upgrade Moldova’s defense capabilities.

According to Germany, the delivery is part of a bilateral agreement signed during a visit to Chișinău by defense minister Christine Lambrecht in October.

“Together, we are strengthening the armed forces of Moldova,” Lambrecht said in a press release. “The quick delivery of the first vehicles is a great example of the effective cooperation between our two countries.”

The armored vehicles are set to replace older models used by Moldova’s peacekeeping battalion.

The remaining 16 Piranha-3Hs will be handed over to the Moldovan armed forces this year.

The Piranha-3H APC

Developed by Swiss defense firm Mowag, the Piranha-3H APC is a wheeled vehicle with a composite armor suite that offers a higher level of protection than previous models.

It also has increased mobility and payload capacity to support various military missions.

The vehicle can accommodate up to 11 fully-equipped soldiers, including two or three operators.

Depending on the customer’s needs, the Piranha-3H can be fitted with weapons such as a remotely-controlled 12.7-millimeter machine gun or a coaxial 7.62-millimeter machine gun.

It can also be mounted with a 40-millimeter automatic grenade launcher.

“Thanks to the Piranha, Moldova will be able to cooperate more closely with armed forces of other nations, especially in the context of UN peacekeeping operations,” Lambrecht stated.

“As a close and reliable partner, Germany continues to stand firmly by Moldova as the country modernizes and enhances its military capabilities.”

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