France Procures 50 Upgraded Leclerc Main Battle Tanks

The French defense procurement agency has ordered 50 upgraded Leclerc main battle tanks from local defense firm Nexter.

The contract was awarded amid continuing industrial qualification tests in close cooperation with the agency and the French Army.

According to the company, the first prototype tank was handed over at the end of 2022.

It features the Scorpion collaborative warfare system — a digital backbone connecting vehicles for so-called “collaborative combat.”

Nexter plans to deliver its first 18 upgraded Leclerc main battle tanks this year.

Additional Features

The Leclerc is a third-generation, 60-ton tank armed with a 120-millimeter smoothbore gun and a 12.7-millimeter coaxial machine gun.

It is operated by three personnel: a tank commander, gunner, and pilot.

The recent upgrade includes enhanced protection against mines and rockets. It also integrated a 7.62-millimeter remotely-operated turret to support urban combat.

Additionally, the tank is now fitted with a new fire control system, allowing operators to fire ammunition using a programmable effect or trigger.

The French Army has used the Leclerc to conduct overseas missions in Lebanon, Estonia, and Romania.

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