US Air Force, Navy Team Up on Quantum Research

The US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has signed a memorandum of understanding to share quantum computing expertise with the US Navy research community.

Under the agreement, AFRL will facilitate quantum computing capabilities and projects with the US Naval Warfare Research Laboratory (NRL) and 14 Naval Warfare Centers.

Part of the memorandum gives navy specialists access to AFRL’s IBM Quantum Hub (IBM-Q) processor to assist in simulation, machine learning, crypto-analysis, and related research.

US Navy Quantum Capabilities

According to the NRL, quantum computers deliver rapid and efficient calculations for technologies essential to military applications.

These calculations benefit several fields in the laboratory, such as chemistry, machine learning, optimization, and risk analysis.

“As we reimagine Naval Power, we know that quantum technologies are critical to the future battlespace,” NRL Chief Rear Adm. Lorin Selby said.

“This collaboration will help ensure our warfighters have the tools they need for mission success.” 

Launch of Quantum Computing Facility

As part of the IBM-Q integration, the NRL, the Naval Information Warfare Center, and other subject matter groups established the Naval Quantum Computing Office (QCPO).

“Collaboration among Naval QCPO members will accelerate advancement in quantum research by creating a structure for shared resources, information sharing and the publication of joint findings,” the NRL stated.

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